Installation and configuration

Packaged versions

These versions are maintained under distribution umbrella following their policy.


Following Debian Policy, LLNG packages are never upgraded in published distributions. However, security patches are backported by maintenance teams.
Debian dist LLNG version Secured Maintenance LTS Limit Extended LTS Limit
6 Squeeze No known vulnerability None February 2016 April 2019
7 Wheezy 1.1.2 No known vulnerability None 1) May 2018 Probably 2021
8 Jessie 1.3.3 Debian LTS Team June 2020
9 Stretch 1.9.7 Debian Security Team June 2022
Stretch-backports 2.0.2 CVE-2019-12046, CVE-2019-13031, CVE-2019-15941 None June 2019 2)
Stretch-backports-sloppy 2.0.6 or later LLNG Team, "best effort" 3)
10 Buster 2.0.2 Debian Security Team Probably July 2024
Buster-backports Latest 4) LLNG Team Until next Debian release 5)

See Debian Package Tracker for more.


Ubuntu version are included in "universe" branch6), so not really security maintained. Prefer to use our repositories or Debian ones
Ubuntu version LLNG version Secured Maintenance
12.04 Precise 1.1.2 No known vulnerability None
14.04 Trusty 1.2.5 No known vulnerability None
16.04 Xenial 7) 1.4.6 CVE-2019-12046, CVE-2019-13031 None
18.04 Bionic 1.9.16 CVE-2019-12046, CVE-2019-13031 None
18.10 Cosmic 8) 1.9.17 CVE-2019-12046, CVE-2019-13031 None
19.04 Disco 2.0.2 CVE-2019-12046, CVE-2019-13031, CVE-2019-15941 None
19.10 Eoan 2.0.5 CVE-2019-15941 None

Bug report


git clone


1) Possible Extended LTS
2) Maintained by LLNG Team until Buster release
3) updated by LLNG Team until dependencies are compatible
4) few days after release
5) around 2021
6) Ubuntu universe/multiverse branches are community maintained (so not maintained by Canonical), but in fact nobody considers LLNG security issues. See this issue for example
7) , 8) LTS