Browseable session backend

Browseable session backend (Apache::Session::Browseable) works exactly like Apache::Session::* corresponding module but add indexes that increase session explorer and session restrictions performances.

Database must be prepared exactly like in SQL session backend except that a field must be added for each data to index. Example with MySQL and index set to uid+ipAddr (recommended)

CREATE TABLE sessions (
    a_session BLOB,
    uid VARCHAR(255),
    ipAddr VARCHAR(15),
    KEY uid (uid),
    KEY ipAddr (ipAddr)

Go in the Manager and set the session module (for example Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL for MySQL) in General parameters » Sessions » Session storage » Apache::Session module and add the following parameters (case sensitive):

Required parameters
Name Comment Example
DataSource The DBI string dbi:mysql:dbname=sessions
UserName The database username lemonldapng
Password The database password mysuperpassword
Index Index uid ipAddr
Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL doesn't use locks so performances are keeped.

Restrict network access to the database.

You can also use different user/password for your servers by overriding parameters globalStorage and globalStorageOptions in lemonldap-ng.ini file.