File session backend

File session backend is the more simple session database. Sessions are stored as files in a single directory. Lock files are stored in another directory. It can not be used to share sessions between different servers except if you share directories (with NFS,…).

In the manager: set "Apache::Session::File" in "General parameters » Sessions » Session storage » Apache::Session module" and add the following parameters (case sensitive):

Required parameters
Name Comment Example
Directory The path to the main directory /var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions
LockDirectory The path to the lock directory /var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions/lock

Restrict access to the directories only to the Apache server. Example:

chmod 750 /var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions /var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions/lock
chown www-data:www-data /var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions /var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions/lock