Parameter list

Click on a column header to sort table. The attribute key name can be used directly in lemonldap-ng.ini or in Perl scripts to override configuration parameters (see configuration location).

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Full name Key name Portal Handler Manager
Activate auto accept timer activeTimer
Apache authentication level apacheAuthnLevel
Choice modules authChoiceModules
Choice URL parameter authChoiceParam
Authentication backend authentication
LDAP authentication search filter AuthLDAPFilter
CAS authentication level CAS_authnLevel
CAS CA file CAS_CAFile
CAS force gateway authentication CAS_gateway
CAS PGT temporary file CAS_pgtFile
CAS proxied services CAS_proxiedServices
CAS force authentication renewal CAS_renew
CAS server URL CAS_url
CAS Session backend casStorage
CAS Session backend options casStorageOptions
CDA activation cda
Configuration backend configStorage
Cookie expiration cookieExpiration
Name of the cookie cookieName
Custom functions customFunctions
Custom SOAP Services CustomSOAPServices
DBI Connection chain dbiAuthChain
DBI Login column dbiAuthLoginCol
DBI authentication level dbiAuthnLevel
DBI Connection password dbiAuthPassword
DBI Password column dbiAuthPasswordCol
DBI Password hash dbiAuthPasswordHash
DBI Authentication table dbiAuthTable
DBI Connection user dbiAuthUser
DBI Mail column dbiPasswordMailCol
DBI UserDB connection chain dbiUserChain
DBI UserDB connection password dbiUserPassword
DBI UserDB table dbiUserTable
DBI UserDB connection user dbiUserUser
Main DNS domain domain
Attributes exported in SOAP exportedAttr
Headers sent exportedHeaders
Attributes from user backend exportedVars
Session backend globalStorage
Session backend options globalStorageOptions
Rule for session granting grantSessionRule
Local groups groups
Force HTTPS in redirection https
LDAP authentication level ldapAuthnLevel
LDAP search base ldapBase
LDAP change password as user ldapChangePasswordAsUser
LDAP main search filter LDAPFilter
LDAP groups member attribute ldapGroupAttributeName
LDAP group link attribute name ldapGroupAttributeNameGroup
LDAP groups name attribute ldapGroupAttributeNameSearch
LDAP groups member link value ldapGroupAttributeNameUser
LDAP groups base ldapGroupBase
LDAP groups objectClass ldapGroupObjectClass
LDAP activate recursive groups ldapGroupRecursive
LDAP Port ldapPort
LDAP password policy control ldapPpolicyControl
LDAP password encoding ldapPwdEnc
LDAP binary attributes ldapRaw
LDAP server or Net::LDAP connexion string ldapServer
LDAP extended SetPassword modify ldapSetPassword
LDAP timeout ldapTimeout
LDAP version ldapVersion
Cache backend localStorage
Local cache localStorage
Cache backend options localStorageOptions
Local cache parameters localStorageOptions
Access rules locationRules
Macros macros
Body for password mail mailBody
Body for confirmation mail mailConfirmBody
Subject for confirmation mail mailConfirmSubject
Mail From address mailFrom
LDAP mail search filter mailLDAPFilter
Subject for password mail mailSubject
URL for mail reset mailUrl
Manager menu organization managerCss
Manager theme managerCssTheme
LDAP Bind DN managerDn
LDAP Bind Password managerPassword
Manager skin managerSkin
Manager tree autoClose managerTreeAutoClose
Manager tree JQuery CSS file managerTreeJqueryCss
Multi overridden parameters multi
Multi values separator multiValuesSeparator
Notification activation notification
Notification backend notificationStorage
Notification backend options notificationStorageOptions
Display deleted sessions notifyDeleted
Display other sessions notifyOther
Null authentication level nullAuthnLevel
OpenID authentication level openIdAuthnLevel
OpenID allowed domains openIdIDPList
OpenID secret token openIdSecret
Password backend passwordDB
Force port in redirection port
Portal URL portal
Anti frame protection portalAntiFrame
Allow form autocompletion portalAutocomplete
Display applications list portalDisplayAppslist
Display change password module portalDisplayChangePassword
Display logout module portalDisplayLogout
Display reset password form portalDisplayResetPassword
Open links in new window portalOpenLinkInNewWindow
Require old password (change) portalRequireOldPassword
Skin name portalSkin
User name session field portalUserAttr
Protection scheme protection
Regular expression for random password randomPasswordRegexp
Delay between check of local configuration reloadTime
Remote cookie name remoteCookieName
Proxy cookie name remoteCookieName
Remote Session backend remoteGlobalStorage
Remote Session backend options remoteGlobalStorageOptions
Remote portal remotePortal
SAML Session backend samlStorage
SAML Session backend options samlStorageOptions
Cookie security securedCookie
Delete other session if IP differs singleIP
Delete other session singleSession
Do not allow several users for 1 IP singleUserByIP
SMTP server SMTPServer
SMTP user SMTPAuthUser
SMTP password SMTPAuthPass
SOAP activation Soap
Proxy portal URL soapAuthService
Proxy session SOAP end point soapSessionService
SSL authentication level SSLAuthnLevel
SSL map with LDAP attribute SSLLDAPField
SSL force SSL authentication SSLRequire
SSL user field in certificate SSLVar
Status module activation status
Store password in session storePassword
Sympa mail session key sympaMailKey
Sympa shared secret sympaSecret
Syslog facility syslog
Session lifetime for cronjob timeout
Trusted domains trustedDomains
Twitter application name twitterAppName
Twitter authentication level twitterAuthnLevel
Twitter application key twitterKey
Twitter application secret twitterSecret
User backend userDB
Use redirect on error useRedirectOnError
Use Safe Jail useSafeJail
DBI Pivot from user table userPivot
Use XForwardedFor for IP useXForwardedForIP
Data to store as REMOTE_USER (used also in Apache logs) whatToTrace
Zimbra account session key zimbraAccountKey
Zimbra account type zimbraBy
Zimbra preauthentication key zimbraPreAuthKey
Zimbra local SSO URL pattern zimbraSsoUrl
Zimbra preauthentication URL zimbraUrl


Full name Key name Configuration backend
DBI connection string dbiChain CDBI / RDBI
DBI user dbiUser
DBI password dbiPassword
DBI table name dbiTable
Storage directory dirName File
LDAP server ldapServer LDAP
LDAP port ldapPort
LDAP base ldapConfBase
LDAP bind dn ldapBindDN
LDAP bind password ldapBindPassword
Certificate authorities file caFile
Certificate authorities directory caPath
SOAP server location (URL) proxy SOAP
LWP::UserAgent parameters proxyOptions