Portal customization

The portal is the visible part of LemonLDAP::NG, all user interactions are displayed on it.

LemonLDAP::NG is shipped with 3 skins:

  • pastel
  • impact
  • dark

You can change the skin in Manager: General Parameters > Portal > Customization > Skin.

A skin is composed of different files:

  • .tpl: Perl HTML::Template files, for HTML content
  • .css: CSS (styles)
  • .js: Javascript
  • images and other media files

A skin will often refer to the common skin, which is not a real skin, but shared skin objects (like scripts, images and CSS).

If you modify directly the skin files, your modifications will certainly be erased on the next upgrade.

To customize a skin, the simplest way is to create a new skin folder:

cd portal/skins
mkdir myskin
mkdir myskin/css
mkdir myskin/images

Then create symbolic links on template files, as you might not want to rewrite all HTML code (else, do as you want).

cd myskin
ln -s ../pastel/*.tpl .

Then you only have to write myskin/css/styles.css and add your media to myskin/images.

To configure your new skin in Manager, select the custom skin, and enter your skin name in the configuration field.

  • Reset password: display a link to reset a password (for password based authentication backends)
  • Auto complete: allow the browser to remember the password (for password based authentication backends)
  • Require old password: used only in the password changing module of the menu, will check the old password before updating it
  • User attribute: which session attribute will be used to display Connected as in the menu
  • New window: open menu links in new window
  • Anti iframe protection: will kill parent frames to avoid some well known attacks
If you enable auto completion, authentication level will be decreased (-1) as you do not ask the user to type its password (it could be in browser passwords wallet).