SOAP configuration backend

You can share your configuration over the network using SOAP proxy system.

Note that SOAP is not a real configuration backend, but just a proxy system to access to your configuration over the network
  • On your main server, configure a File, SQL or LDAP backend
  • Set SOAP parameter to true in the configuration using the manager: the portal will become a SOAP server
  • Configure Apache to allow remote access: in portal-apache2.conf, remote SOAP access is disabled by default. Change it:
# SOAP functions for configuration access (disabled by default)
<Location />
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from

Change configuration in lemonldap-ng.ini :

type         = SOAP
proxy        =

You can also add some other parameters

User         = lemonldap
Password     = mypassword
# LWP::UserAgent parameters
proxyOptions = { timeout => 5 }