Portal menu

The menu is displayed if authentication is successful.

LemonLDAP::NG portal menu has 4 modules:

  • Application list: display categories and applications allowed for the user
  • Password change: form to change the password
  • Login history: display user's last logins and last failed logins
  • Logout: logout button

Each module can be activated trough a rule, using user session information. These rules can be set trough Manager: General Parameters > Portal > Menu > Modules activation.

You can use 0 or 1 to disable/enable the module, or use a more complex rule. For example, to display the password change form only for user authenticated trough LDAP or DBI:

$_auth eq LDAP or $_auth eq DBI

Configuring the virtual hosts is not sufficient to display an application in the menu. Indeed, a virtual host can contain several applications (,

In Manager, you can configure categories and applications in General Parameters > Portal > Menu > Categories and applications.

Application parameters:

  • Name: display text
  • Address: URL of application
  • Description
  • Logo: file name to use as logo
  • Display:
    • auto: display only if the user can access it
    • on: always display
    • off: never display
Categories and applications are displayed in alphabetical order.

The chosen logo file must be in portal applications logos directory (portal/skins/common/apps/). You can set a custom logo by setting the logo file name directly in the field, and copy the logo file in portal applications logos directory