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 +====== Active Directory Federation Services ======
 +{{ :​applications:​microsoft-adfs.png?​nolink |}}
 +===== Presentation =====
 +Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) is an Identity/​Service Provider, compatible with several protocols, including SAML 2.0.
 +<note important>​This documentation does not explains how to setup ADFS, but give only tricks to make it works with LL::​NG</​note>​
 +===== ADFS as Identity Provider =====
 +When ADFS is declared as an Identity Provider in LemonLDAP::​NG,​ you need to take care of the following items:
 +  * HTTPS is mandatory on LL::NG portal
 +  * You need to use a certificate in LL::NG SAML metadata instead of a raw public key
 +  * Activate option ''​Use specific query_string method''​ in SAML Service
 +  * Use SHA1 instead of SHA256 as signature algorithm on ADFS if using a Lasso version < 2.5.0
 +  * Force SAML response to be sent by POST and not Artifact (signature verification fails with Artifact)
 +  * Enable ''​Allow proxy authentication''​ in IDP options on LL::NG side