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 +====== Active Directory ======
 +^  Authentication ​ ^  Users  ^  Password ​ ^
 +|  ✔  |  ✔  |  ✔  |
 +===== Presentation =====
 +The Active Directory module is based on the [[authldap|LDAP module]], with these features:
 +  * Specific default values for filters to match AD schema
 +  * Compatible password modification
 +  * Reset password on next logon workflow
 +===== Configuration =====
 +The configuration is the same as the [[authldap|LDAP module]].
 +===== AD password policy =====
 +AD password policy does not follow the LDAP RFC, but Microsoft has implemented its own policy.
 +LemonLDAP::​NG implements partially the policy:
 +  * when pwdLastSet = 0 in the user entry, it means that password has been reset, and a form is presented to the user for him to change his password.
 +  * when computed virtual attribute '​msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed'​ as 6th flag set to 8, the password is considered expired. (support from Windows Server 2003) It is too late for the user to do anything. He must contact his administrator.
 +  * a warning before password expiration is possible in AD, but only in GPO (Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Local Policies\Security Options under Interactive Logon: Prompt user to change password before expiration) However it as no reality in LDAP referential. A "​password warning time before password expiration"​ variable can be specified in LemonLDAP::​NG to do so.
 +<note important>​Note:​ since AD 2012, each user can have a specific password expiration policy. Then, the "​maximum password age" can have different values. This is currently unsupported in LemonLDAP::​NG because every policy must be computed with their precedence to know which maximum password age to apply.</​note>​
 +To configure warning before password expiration, you must set two variables in Active Directory parameters in Manager:
 +  * **Password expire warning** : number of seconds between password expiration and the date from which user is warned his password will expire.
 +  * **Password max age** : number of seconds after the last password change, before it expires. It must match AD policy