Authentication Users Password

LL::NG can delegate authentication to a CAS server. This requires Perl CAS module.

LL::NG can also act as CAS server, that allows one to interconnect two LL::NG systems.

LL::NG can also request proxy tickets for its protected services. Proxy tickets will be collected at authentication phase and stored in user session under the form:

_casPTserviceID = Proxy ticket value

They can then be forwarded to applications trough HTTP headers.

CAS authentication will automatically add a logout forward rule on CAS server logout URL in order to close CAS session on LL::NG logout.

In Manager, go in General Parameters > Authentication modules and choose CAS for authentication.

You can then choose any other module for users and password.
Browser implementations of formAction directive are inconsistent (e.g. Firefox doesn't block the redirects whereas Chrome does). Administrators may have to modify formAction value with wildcard likes *.

In Manager, go in :

General Parameters > Advanced Parameters > Security > Content Security Policy > Form destination

Then, go in CAS parameters:

  • Authentication level: authentication level for this module.

Then create the list of CAS servers in the manager. For each, set:

  • Server URL (required): CAS server URL (must use https://)
  • Renew authentication (default: disabled): force authentication renewal on CAS server
  • Gateways authentication (default: disabled): force transparent authentication on CAS server
  • Display Name: Name to display. Required if you have more than 1 CAS server declared
  • Icon: Path to CAS Server icon. Used only if you have more than 1 CAS server declared
  • Order: Number to sort CAS Servers display
  • Proxied services: list of services for which a proxy ticket is requested:
    • Key: Service ID
    • Value Service URL (CAS service identifier)
If no proxied services defined, CAS authentication will not activate the CAS proxy mode with this CAS server.