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 +====== Backend choice by users ======
 +^  Authentication  ^  Users  ^  Password  ^
 +|  ✔  |  ✔  |  ✔  |
 +===== Presentation =====
 +By default, only the configured authentication backend is available for users.
 +Contrary to [[authmulti|multiple backend stacking]], backend choice will present all available authentication methods to users, who will choose the one they want.
 +The choice will concern three backends:
 +  * Authentication
 +  * Users
 +  * Password
 +The chosen backends will be registered in session:
 +  * ''$_auth''
 +  * ''$_userDB''
 +  * ''$_passwordDB''
 +Authentication choice will also be registered in session:
 +  * ''$_authChoice''
 +===== Configuration =====
 +In Manager, go in ''General Parameters'' > ''Authentication modules'' and choose Choice for authentication.
 +<note important>When ''Choice'' is selected for authentication, values for Users and Password modules are also forced to ''Choice''.</note>
 +Then, go in ''Choice Parameters'':
 +  * **URL parameter**: parameter name used to set choice value (default: ''lmAuth'')
 +  * **AuthBasic handler parameter**: authentication module used by AuthBasic handler
 +  * **Allowed modules**: click on ''New chain'' to add a choice.
 +{{ :documentation:manager-choice.png?nolink |}}
 +Define here:
 +  * **Name**: Text displayed on choice tab.
 +  * **Authentication module**
 +  * **Users module**
 +  * **Password module**
 +  * **URL**: optional, can be used to redirect on another URL (for example This is mandatory if you want to use an Apache authentication module, which is run by Apache before showing the LemonLDAP::NG portal page.
 +  * **Condition**: optional, can be used to evaluate an expression to display the tab. For example, to display a tab only if redirected by Handler from application '''', you can set this condition:
 +<code perl>
 +$env->{urldc} =~ /test1\.example\.com/
 +Authentication request to an another URL than Portal URL can lead to a persistent loop between Portal and a redirection URL (pdata is not removed because domains mismatch). To avoid this, you have to set pdata cookie domain by editing ''lemonldap-ng.ini'' in section [portal]:
 +<file ini>
 +pdataDomain =
 +<note tip>You can prefix the key name with a digit to order them. The digit will not be shown on portal page. Underscore characters are also replaced by spaces.</note>
 +<note tip>You can also override some LLNG parameters for each chain. See [[parameterlist|Parameter list]] to have the key names to use</note>