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 +====== Deploy Apache configuration ======
 +<note>This step should have been already done if you installed LL::NG with packages.</note>
 +===== Files =====
 +<note important>Apache Mod Perl has many issues since 2.4 version with MPM worker and MPM event. No problem for portal and manager since they are now handled by FastCGI. If you want to use Apache for Handler, please switch to MPM prefork, else use Nginx.</note>
 +With tarball installation, Apache configuration files will be installed in ''/usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/'', else they are in ''/etc/lemonldap-ng''.
 +You have to include them in Apache main configuration, for example:
 +<file apache>
 +include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/portal-apache2.conf
 +include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/handler-apache2.conf
 +include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/manager-apache2.conf
 +include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/test-apache2.conf
 +<note tip>
 +  * You can also use symbolic links in ''conf.d'' or ''sites-available'' Apache directory.
 +  * If you have run the Debian/Ubuntu install command, just use:
 +a2ensite manager-apache2.conf
 +a2ensite portal-apache2.conf
 +a2ensite handler-apache2.conf
 +a2ensite test-apache2.conf
 +===== Modules =====
 +You will also need to load some Apache modules:
 +  * mod_rewrite
 +  * mod_perl
 +  * mod_alias
 +  * mod_fcgid
 +  * mod_headers
 +<note tip>
 +With Debian/Ubuntu:
 +<code>a2enmod fcgid perl alias rewrite headers</code>