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 +====== Decrypt value plugin ======
 +This plugin allows us to decrypt ciphered values. LL::NG can be configured to send encrypted values to protected applications by using [[documentation:​latest:​extendedfunctions|extended functions]].
 +===== Configuration =====
 +Just enable it in the Manager (section “plugins”) by setting a rule. DecryptValue plugin can be allowed or denied for specific users.
 +  * **Parameters**:​
 +    * **Use rule**: Select which users may use this plugin
 +    * **Decrypt functions**:​ Set functions used for decrypting ciphered values. Each function is tested until one succeeds. Let it blank to use internal decrypt function.
 +<note warning>
 +Custom functions must be defined into ''​Lemonldap::​NG::​Portal::​My::​Plugin''​ and set:
 +My::​Plugin::​function1 My::​Plugin::​function2