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 +====== DevOps Handler ======
 +This handler is designed to read vhost configuration from the website itself not from LL:NG configuration. Rules and headers are set in a **rules.json** file stored at the website root directory (ie ''<​nowiki>​http://​website/​rules.json</​nowiki>''​). This file looks like:
 +<file json rules.json>​
 +  "​rules":​ {
 +    "​^/​admin":​ "$uid eq '​admin'",​
 +    "​default":​ "​accept'​
 +  },
 +  "​headers":​ {
 +    "​Auth-User":​ "​$uid"​
 +  }
 +If this file is not found, the default rule "​accept"​ is applied and just "​Auth-User"​ header is sent (Auth-User => $uid).
 +No specific configuration is required except that:
 +  * you have to choose this specific handler //(directly by using ''​VHOSTTYPE''​ environment variable)//
 +  * you can set the loopback URL needed by the DevOps handler to get ''/​rules.json''​ or use ''​RULES_URL''​ parameter to set JSON file path //(see [[ssoaas|SSO as a Service]])//​. Default to ''<​nowiki>​http://​<​server-port></​nowiki>''​
 +<note important>​Note that DevOps handler will refuse to compile rules.json if [[safejail|Safe Jail]] isn't enabled.</​note>​
 +See [[ssoaas|SSO as a Service]] for more