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 # Retrieve all pending notifications # Retrieve all pending notifications
-curl -X GET -H "​Content-Type:​ application/​json"​ -H "​Accept:​ application/​json"​ http://​auth.example.com/​notifications/​_all_+curl -X GET -H "​Content-Type:​ application/​json"​ -H "​Accept:​ application/​json"​ http://​auth.example.com/​notifications/​_allPending_ 
 +# Retrieve all existing notifications 
 +curl -X GET -H "​Content-Type:​ application/​json"​ -H "​Accept:​ application/​json"​ http://​auth.example.com/​notifications/​_allExisting_
 # Retrieve all <​uid>'​s notifications ​ # Retrieve all <​uid>'​s notifications ​