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 <​note>​See also [[:​documentation:​presentation#​kinematics|general kinematics presentation]].</​note>​ <​note>​See also [[:​documentation:​presentation#​kinematics|general kinematics presentation]].</​note>​
 +===== URL parameters =====
 +Some parameters in URL can change the behavior of the portal:
 +  * **logout**: Launch the logout process (for example: ''​logout=1''​)
 +  * **tab**: Preselect a tab (Choice or Menu) (for example: ''​tab=password''​)
 +  * **llnglanguage**:​ Force lang used to display the page (for example: ''​llnglanguage=fr''​)
 +  * **setCookieLang**:​ Update lang cookie to persist the language set with ''​llnglanguage''​ parameter (for example: ''​setCookieLang=1''​)