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 {{ :​documentation:​manager-skin-background.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​documentation:​manager-skin-background.png?​nolink |}}
 +To set your own background, copy your file in ''/​usr/​share/​lemonldap-ng/​portal/​htdocs/​skins/​common/​backgrounds/''​ and register it in ''/​etc/​lemonldap-ng/​lemonldap-ng.ini'':​
 +<file ini>
 +portalSkinBackground = file.png
 +You can also use ''​lemonldap-ng-cli'':​
 +/​usr/​share/​lemonldap-ng/​bin/​lemonldap-ng-cli set portalSkinBackground file.png
 ==== Skin rules ==== ==== Skin rules ====