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 +====== Register a new account ======
 +===== Presentation =====
 +This feature is a page that allows a user to create an account. The steps are the following:
 +  - User click on the button "Create a new account"
 +  - He enters first name, last name and email
 +  - He gets a mail with a confirmation link
 +  - After clicking, his entry is added
 +  - He gets a mail with his login and his password
 +===== Configuration =====
 +You can enable the "Create your account" button in [[portalcustom|portal customization parameters]].
 +Then, go in ''Portal'' > ''Advanced parameters'' > ''Register new account'':
 +  * **Module**: Choose the backend to use to create the new account.
 +  * **Page URL**: URL of register page
 +  * **Validity time of a register request**: duration in seconds of a new account request. The request will be deleted after this time if user do not click on the link.
 +  * **Subject for confirmation mail**: Subject of the mail containing the confirmation link
 +  * **Subject for done mail**: Subject of the mail giving login and password