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 ===== Presentation ===== ===== Presentation =====
-This LL::​NG'​s ​plugin ​is a new feature that'​s ​allows users to reset their certificate informations. ​+This plugin allows users to reset their certificate informations. ​
-Kinematics:​ +**Kinematics**: 
-  * User click the reset certificate button.+ 
 +  * User click reset certificate button.
   * He enters his mail.   * He enters his mail.
-  * LL::​NG ​try to find the user in users database with the given information. +  * LL::​NG ​looks for the user in users database with given information. 
-  * A mail is sent with a link if user exist+  * An email with a link is sent if user exists
-  * User click to the link and comes back to portal. +  * User clicks on the link and he is redirected ​to the portal. 
-  * The portal asks him to select ​his certificate file (base64 pem only). +  * The portal asks him to upload ​his certificate file (base64pem only). 
-  * A confirmation mail is sent to confirm ​that the certificate ​was reset sucessfully ​+  * A confirmation mail is sent to confirm the certificate ​has been successfully ​reset
 +===== Configuration ===== 
 +You have to activate the certificate reset link in the login page, go in Manager, ''​General Parameters'' ​ →  ''​Portal'' ​ → ''​ Customization''​ → ''​Buttons on login page''​→ ''​Reset your Certificate''​  
 +The SMTP server must be setup, see [[smtp|SMTP server setup]]. 
 +The register module also must be setup. Go in Manager, ''​General Parameters'' ​ →  ''​Authentication parameters'' ​ → ''​Register Module''​ and choose your module. 
 +**Manager Configuration** 
 +Go in Manager, ''​General Parameters''​ → ''​Plugins''​ → ''​Certificate Reset Management'':​ 
 +**Certificate reset mail content **: 
 +        * **Certificat reset mail subject **: Subject of mail sent when certificate is reset 
 +        * **Certificat reset mail content **: (optional): Content of mail sent when certificate is reset 
 +        * **Confirmation mail subject**: Subject of mail sent when certificate reset  is asked 
 +        * **Confirmation mail content**: (optional) Content of mail sent when certificate is asked     
 +<note important>​  
 + By default, mail contents are empty in order to use templates:​ 
 +    * portal/​skins/​common/​mail_certificateConfirm.tpl 
 +    * portal/​skins/​common/​mail_certificateReset.tpl 
 + If you define custom mail contents in Manager, then templates won't be used. 
 +     * **Reset Page URL**: URL of certificate reset page (default: [PORTAL]/​certificateReset) 
 +     * **Certificate descrition attribute Name**: ​ Attribute where to save certificate description name (Default description)  
 +     * **Certificate hash attribute Name**: ​ Attribute where to store certificate hash (Default userCertificate;​binary) ​   
 +     * **Minimun duration before expiration**:​ number of days of validity before certificate expires. Default 0. 
 +<note warning>  
 +      .p12 certificates only.