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 +====== Secure Token Handler ======
 +===== Presentation =====
 +The Secure Token Handler is a special Handler that creates a token for each request and send it to the protected application. The real user identifier is stored in a Memcached server and the protected application can request the Memcached server to get user identifier.
 +This mechanism allows one to protect an application with an unsafe link between Handler and the application, but with a safe link between the Memcached server and the application.
 +===== Configuration =====
 +Install Cache::Memcached dependency.
 +==== Virtual host ====
 +You just have to set "Type: SecureToken" in the VirtualHost options in the manager.
 +If you want to protect only a virtualHost part, keep type on "Main" and set type in your configuration file:
 +  * Apache: use simply a ''PerlSetVar VHOSTTYPE AuthBasic''
 +  * Nginx: create another FastCGI with a ''fastcgi_param VHOSTTYPE SecureToken;''
 +<note>This handler uses Apache2Filter Module to hide token, prefer [[servertoserver|Handling server webservice calls]] for other servers.</note>
 +==== Handler parameters ====
 +SecureToken parameters are the following:
 +  * **Memcached servers**: addresses of Memcached servers, separated with spaces.
 +  * **Token expiration**: time in seconds for token expiration (remove from Memcached server).
 +  * **Attribute to store**: the session key that will be stored in Memcached.
 +  * **Protected URLs**: Regexp of URLs for which the secure token will be sent, separated by spaces
 +  * **Header name**: name of the HTTP header carrying by the secure token.
 +  * **Allow requests in error**: allow a request that has generated an error in token generation to be forwarded to the protected application without secure token (default: yes)
 +<note important>
 +Due to Handler API change in 1.9, you need to set these attributes in ''lemonldap-ng.ini'' and not in Manager, for example:
 +<file ini>
 +secureTokenMemcachedServers =
 +secureTokenExpiration = 60
 +secureTokenAttribute = uid
 +secureTokenUrls = .*
 +secureTokenHeader = Auth-Token
 +secureTokenAllowOnError = 1