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 +====== SMTP server setup ======
 +Go in ''General Parameters'' > ''Advanced Parameters'' > ''SMTP'':
 +    * ** Session key containing mail address**: choose which session field contains mail address
 +    * **SMTP Server**: IP or hostname of the SMTP server
 +    * **SMTP Port**: Port of the SMTP server
 +    * **SMTP User**: SMTP user if authentication is required
 +    * **SMTP Password**: SMTP password if authentication is required
 +    * ** SSL/TLS protocol** and **SSL/TLS options**: Here you can enable SMTPS or startTLS
 +<note tip>
 +  * If no SMTP server is configured, the mail will be sent via the local sendmail program. Else, Net::SMTP module is required to use the SMTP server
 +  * The SMTP server value can hold the port, for example: ''''
 +  * If authentication is configured, ''Authen::SASL'' and ''MIME::Base64'' modules are required
 +  * **Mail headers**:  
 +    * **Mail sender**: address seen in the "From" field (default: noreply@[DOMAIN])
 +    * **Reply address**: address seen in the "Reply-To" field
 +    * **charset**: Charset used for the body of the mail (default: utf-8)