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 +====== Configure LemonLDAP::​NG to use SOAP proxy mechanism ======
 +LL::NG use 2 internal databases to store its configuration and sessions. It can be configured to use SOAP instead of direct access to those databases (for remote servers).
 +<note tip>This mechanism can be used to secure access for remote servers that cross an unsecured network to access to LL::NG databases.</​note>​
 +Since version 2.0, same services are available by REST.
 +===== Use SOAP for Lemonldap::​NG configuration =====
 +  * [[start##​configuration_database|Choose and configure your main configuration storage system]]
 +  * Follow [[soapconfbackend|SOAP configuration backend]] page
 +  * Restart all your remote Apache servers
 +===== Use SOAP for Lemonldap::​NG sessions =====
 +  * [[start#​sessions_database|Choose and configure your main sessions storage system]]
 +  * Follow [[soapsessionbackend|SOAP sessions backend]] page