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 +====== SOAP services (deprecated) ======
 +LL::NG portal provide a SOAP server that can be enable to give configuration and/or session. These features can be enabled using the manager.
 +===== Portal SOAP services =====
 +SOAP functions are not accessible by network by default. SOAP functions are protected by Web Server, you can change this in [[configlocation#​portal|portal configuration]].
 +  * Read-only functions (index.pl/​sessions or index.pl/​adminSessions paths):
 +    * **getCookies(user,​password)**:​ authentication system. Returns cookie(s) name and values
 +    * **getAttributes(cookieValue)**:​ get elements stored in session
 +    * **isAuthorizedURI(cookieValue,​url)**:​ check if user is granted to access to the function
 +    * **getMenuApplications(cookieValue)**:​ return a list of authorizated applications (based on menu calculation)
 +  * Read/Write functions (index.pl/​adminSessions paths):
 +    * **setAttributes(cookieValue,​hashtable)**:​ update a session
 +    * **newSession**:​ create a session (return attributes)
 +    * **deleteSession**:​ delete a session
 +    * **get_key_from_all_sessions**:​ list all sessions and return asked keys
 +  * Notification send function (index.pl/​notification):​
 +    * **newNotification(xmlString)**:​ insert a notification for a user (see [[notifications|Notifications system]] for more)
 +  * Notification delete function:
 +    * **deleteNotification**:​ delete notification(s) for a user (see [[notifications|Notifications system]] for more)
 +<note important>​When you use [[soapsessionbackend|SOAP sessions backend]], it is recommended to use read-only URL (/​index.fcgi/​sessions). Write session path is needed only if you use a remote session explorer or a remote portal
 +===== WSDL =====
 +You can enable WSDL server in the manager. It will deliver WSDL file (/​portal.wsdl).