AuthBasic Handler


The AuthBasic Handler is a special Handler using AuthBasic method to authenticate and grante access to a virtual host.

The Handler sends a WWW-Authenticate header to the client, to request user id and password. Then it checks credentials by using LL::NG REST web service (REST session service must be enabled in the manager). Once session is granted, the Handler will check authorizations like the standard Handler.

This feature can be useful to allow a third party application to access a virtual host with user credentials by sending a Basic challenge to it.



REST server must be enabled on portal.

Virtual host

You just have to set “Type: AuthBasic” in the virtualHost options in the manager.

If you want to protect only a virtualHost part, keep type on “Main” and set type in your configuration file:

  • Apache: use simply a PerlSetVar VHOSTTYPE AuthBasic

  • Nginx: create another FastCGI with a fastcgi_param VHOSTTYPE AuthBasic; (and remove error_page 401)

Handler parameters

No parameters needed. But you have to allow REST sessions web services, see REST sessions backend, enable local cache (enabled by default in lemonldap-ng.ini) and allow source IP addresses to access required locations in Portal Virtual Host.


With AuthBasic Handler, you have to disable CSRF token by setting a special rule based on source IP addresses like this :

requireToken => $env->{REMOTE_ADDR} !~ /^127.0.[1-3].1$/

With Backend choice by users, you have to declare which authentication module is requested by the AuthBasic Handler to create global session.

Go to: General Parameters > Authentication parameters > Choice parameters

and set authentication module’s name :

Choice used for password authentication => 2_LDAP (by example)


With HTTPS, you may have to set LWP::UserAgent object with verify_hostname => 0 and SSL_verify_mode => 0.

Go to:

General Parameters > Advanced Parameters > Security > SSL options for server requests