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 <note tip>​LemonLDAP::​NG wiki uses Dokuwiki!</​note>​ <note tip>​LemonLDAP::​NG wiki uses Dokuwiki!</​note>​
-You will need to install a Dokuwiki plugin, available on [[:​download#​contributions|download page]]. The plugin will check the ''​REMOTE_USER''​ environment variable to get the connected user.+===== HTTP headers =====
-===== Installation =====+You need to install a Dokuwiki plugin, available on [[https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​plugins|Dokuwiki plugins registry]]: https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​plugin:​authlemonldap
-[[:​download#​contributions|Download]] the plugin and copy the files in dokuwiki ''​inc/​auth/''​ directory:​ +==== Plugin installation ====
-<​code>​ +
-cp lemonldap.class.php inc/auth/ +
-cp lemonldapuserdatabackend.class.php inc/auth/ +
-===== Configuration =====+Install the plugin using the [[https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​plugin:​plugin|Plugin Manager]].
-==== Dokuwiki ​local configuration====+==== Dokuwiki configuration====
-Edit Dokuwiki ​local configuration (''​conf/​local.php''​) ​and set ''​lemonldap''​ as authentication type:+As administrator,​ go in Dokuwiki ​parameters ​and set: 
 +  * Authentication backend: authlemonldap 
 +  * Manager: set which users and/or groups will be admin
-<file php> +{{ :​applications:​screenshot_dokuwiki_configuration.png |}}
-$conf[authtype] = lemonldap;​ +
 ==== Dokuwiki virtual host ==== ==== Dokuwiki virtual host ====
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 Configure Dokuwiki virtual host like other [[..configvhost|protected virtual host]]. Configure Dokuwiki virtual host like other [[..configvhost|protected virtual host]].
-<note important>​If you are protecting Dokuwiki with LL::NG as reverse proxy, [[..header_remote_user_conversion|convert header into REMOTE_USER environment variable]].</​note>​ 
   * For Apache:   * For Apache:
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 Go to the Manager and [[..configvhost#​lemonldapng_configuration|create a new virtual host]] for Dokuwiki. Go to the Manager and [[..configvhost#​lemonldapng_configuration|create a new virtual host]] for Dokuwiki.
-Just configure ​the [[..writingrulesand_headers#​rules|access rules]].+Configure ​the [[..writingrulesand_headers#​rules|access rules]].
-If using LL::NG as reverse proxy, configure ​the ''​Auth-User'' ​[[..writingrulesand_headers#​headers|header]], else no headers are needed.+Configure ​the [[..writingrulesand_headers#​headers|headers]]
 +  * Auth-User $uid 
 +  * Auth-Cn: $cn 
 +  * Auth-Mail: $mail 
 +  * Auth-Groups:​ encode_base64($groups,''​)
 +<note important>​To allow execution of encode_base64() method, you must deactivate the [[..safejail|Safe jail]].</​note>​