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     * url: https://​auth.example.com/​saml/​singleSignOn?​domain=myfirm     * url: https://​auth.example.com/​saml/​singleSignOn?​domain=myfirm
     * uri: https://​auth.example.com/​saml/​metadata?​domain=myfirm     * uri: https://​auth.example.com/​saml/​metadata?​domain=myfirm
 +==== LemonLDAP::​NG ====
 +Create a new SAML Service Provider and import Microsoft metadata from https://​nexus.microsoftonline-p.com/​federationmetadata/​saml20/​federationmetadata.xml
 +Set the NameID value to persistent, or any immutable value for the user.
 +Create a SAML attribute named IDPEmail which contains the user principal name (UPN).