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-====== Apache Tomcat ====== 
-{{ :​applications:​tomcat_logo.png |}} 
-<note important>​The Tomcat ​ Valve is only available for tomcat 5.5 or greater.</​note>​ 
-===== Presentation ===== 
-[[http://​tomcat.apache.org/​|Apache Tomcat]] is an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. 
-As J2EE servlet container, Tomcat provides standard security feature, like authentication:​ the application deployed in Tomcat can delegate its authentication to Tomcat. 
-By default, Tomcat provides a file called ''​users.xml''​ to manage authentication:​ 
-<file xml> 
-<?xml version='​1.0'​ encoding='​utf-8'?>​ 
-  <role rolename="​tomcat"/>​ 
-  <role rolename="​role1"/>​ 
-  <user username="​tomcat"​ password="​tomcat"​ roles="​tomcat"/>​ 
-  <user username="​role1"​ password="​tomcat"​ roles="​role1"/>​ 
-  <user username="​both"​ password="​tomcat"​ roles="​tomcat,​role1"/>​ 
- </​file>​