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 +====== Proxy ======
 +^  Authentication ​ ^  Users  ^  Password ​ ^
 +|  ✔  |  ✔  | |
 +===== Presentation =====
 +LL::NG is able to transfer (trough REST or SOAP) authentication credentials to another LL::NG portal, like a proxy.
 +The difference with [[authremote|remote authentication]] is that the client will never be redirect to the main LL::NG portal. This configuration is usable if you want to expose your internal SSO portal to another network (DMZ).
 +===== Configuration =====
 +==== External portal ====
 +In Manager, go in ''​General Parameters''​ > ''​Authentication modules''​ and choose Proxy for authentication and users.
 +Then, go in ''​Proxy parameters'':​
 +  * **Internal portal URL**: URL of internal portal
 +  * **Session service URL** (optional): Session service URL (default: same as previous for SOAP, same with "/​session/​my"​ for REST)
 +  * **Cookie name** (optional): name of the cookie of internal portal, if different from external portal
 +  * **Authentication level**: level given to this authentication
 +  * **Use SOAP instead of REST**: use a deprecated SOAP server instead of a REST one (you must set it if internal portal version is < 2.0). In this case, "​Portal URL" parameter must contains SOAP endpoint (generally http://​auth.example.com/​index.pl/​sessions for 1.9 and earlier, http://​auth.example.com/​sessions for 2.0)
 +==== Internal portal ====
 +The portal must be configured to accept REST or SOAP authentication requests if you've choose to use SOAP. See: [[documentation:​2.0:​restservices|REST server plugin]] or [[soapsessionbackend|SOAP session backend]] //​(deprecated)//​.
 +==== SOAP compatibility with 1.9 server ====
 +If you Proxy is a 2.0.x and your server is a 1.9.x, you should add this in your lemonldap-ng.ini:​
 +<code ini>
 +soapProxyUrn = urn:​Lemonldap/​NG/​Common/​CGI/​SOAPService
 +<note important>​This needs LLNG version 2.0.8 at least</​note>​