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Line 24: Line 24:
 vi /​usr/​share/​perl5/​Lemonldap/​NG/​Portal/​MyPlugin.pm vi /​usr/​share/​perl5/​Lemonldap/​NG/​Portal/​MyPlugin.pm
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +<note tip>If you do not want to mix files from the distribution with your own work, put your own code in ''/​usr/​local/​lib/​site_perl/​Lemonldap/​NG/​Portal/​MyPlugin.pm''</​note>​
 <file perl> <file perl>
 package Lemonldap::​NG::​Portal::​MyPlugin;​ package Lemonldap::​NG::​Portal::​MyPlugin;​