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 +====== Portal menu ======
 +<​note>​The menu is displayed if authentication is successful.</​note>​
 +===== Menu modules =====
 +LemonLDAP::​NG portal menu has 4 modules:
 +  * **Application list**: display categories and applications allowed for the user
 +  * **Password change**: form to change the password
 +  * **Login history**: display user's last logins and last failed logins
 +  * **Logout**: logout button
 +Each module can be activated trough a rule, using user session information. These rules can be set trough Manager: ''​General Parameters''​ > ''​Portal''​ > ''​Menu''​ > ''​Modules activation''​.
 +You can use ''​0''​ or ''​1''​ to disable/​enable the module, or use a more complex rule. For example, to display the password change form only for user authenticated trough LDAP or DBI:
 +<code perl>
 +$_auth eq LDAP or $_auth eq DBI
 +===== Categories and applications =====
 +[[configvhost|Configuring the virtual hosts]] is not sufficient to display an application in the menu. Indeed, a virtual host can contain several applications (http://​vhost.example.com/​appli1,​ http://​vhost.example.com/​appli2).
 +In Manager, you can configure categories and applications in ''​General Parameters''​ > ''​Portal''​ > ''​Menu''​ > ''​Categories and applications''​.
 +Application parameters:
 +{{ :​documentation:​manager-portal-menu-application.png?​nolink |}}
 +  * **Name**: display text
 +  * **Address**:​ URL of application
 +  * **Description**
 +  * **Logo**: file name to use as logo
 +  * **Display**:​
 +    * **auto**: display only if the user can access it
 +    * **on**: always display
 +    * **off**: never display
 +    * **rule**: specify a [[writingrulesand_headers|rule]] or "sp: <​name>"​ where "​name"​ is the key name of the service provider, the corresponding rule will be applied //​(available for CAS, SAML or OpenID-Connect)//​
 +<note tip>​Categories and applications are displayed in alphabetical order.</​note>​
 +{{ :​documentation:​manager-portal-menu-icon.png?​nolink |}}
 +<note tip>The chosen logo file must be in portal applications logos directory (''​portal/​htdocs/​static/​common/​apps/''​). You can set a custom logo by setting the logo file name directly in the field, and copy the logo file in portal applications logos directory</​note>​