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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +==== Nginx ====
 +Include LemonLDAP::​NG configuration in your Nginx configuration
 +<file nginx>
 +include /​usr/​local/​lemonldap-ng/​etc/​portal-nginx.conf;​
 +include /​usr/​local/​lemonldap-ng/​etc/​handler-nginx.conf;​
 +include /​usr/​local/​lemonldap-ng/​etc/​manager-nginx.conf;​
 +include /​usr/​local/​lemonldap-ng/​etc/​test-nginx.conf;​
 +Restart Nginx:
 +sudo nginx -t
 +sudo service nginx restart
 ===== Run ===== ===== Run =====