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Quick start tutorial

This tutorial will guide you into a minimal installation and configuration procedure. You need some prerequisites:
  • A computer with a GNU/Linux or recent UNIX system
  • A web browser launched from the computer (to access localhost)
  • A cup of coffee (or tea, we are open minded)


You can install Lemonldap::NG using packages (rpm or deb) or by hand as described below.

LemonLDAP::NG is written in Perl and requires a lot of Perl dependencies. You must install them first.

Get the tarball on download page and follow next steps (or install using RPM or Debian packages):


tar zxvf lemonldap-ng-*.tar.gz
cd lemonldap-ng-*


make test


sudo make install



Update your /etc/hosts to map SSO URLs to localhost:

sudo make postconf


Include LemonLDAP::NG configuration in your main Apache configuration:

include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/portal-apache2.conf
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/handler-apache2.conf
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/manager-apache2.conf
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/test-apache2.conf

Restart Apache:

sudo apachectl configtest
sudo apachectl restart


Include LemonLDAP::NG configuration in your Nginx configuration

include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/portal-nginx.conf;
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/handler-nginx.conf;
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/manager-nginx.conf;
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/test-nginx.conf;

Restart Nginx:

sudo nginx -t
sudo service nginx restart


Since LemonLDAP::NG 1.2, the demonstration backend is configured by default. Demonstration backend has hard coded user accounts:

Login Password Role
rtyler rtyler user
msmith msmith user
dwho dwho administrator

Open SSO session

Go on and log with one of the demonstration account.

Access protected application

Edit configuration

Log with the dwho account and go on