Portal menu

The menu is displayed if authentication is successful.

LemonLDAP::NG portal menu has 4 modules:

  • Application list: display categories and applications allowed for the user
  • Password change: form to change the password
  • Login history: display user's last logins and last failed logins
  • Logout: logout button

Each module can be activated trough a rule, using user session information. These rules can be set trough Manager: General Parameters > Portal > Menu > Modules activation.

You can use 0 or 1 to disable/enable the module, or use a more complex rule. For example, to display the password change form only for user authenticated trough LDAP or DBI:

$_auth eq LDAP or $_auth eq DBI

Configuring the virtual hosts is not sufficient to display an application in the menu. Indeed, a virtual host can contain several applications (,

In Manager, you can configure categories and applications in General Parameters > Portal > Menu > Categories and applications.

Category parameters:

  • Key: category identifier
  • Name: display text

Application parameters:

  • Key: application identifier
  • Name: display text
  • Address: URL of application
  • Description
  • Logo: file name to use as logo
  • Display:
    • auto: display only if the user can access it
    • on: always display
    • off: never display
Category and application key can have a digit as first character, which will allow to display categories in the right order (categories and applications are displayed in alphabetical order).

The chosen logo file must be in portal applications logos directory (portal/skins/common/apps/). You can set a custom logo by choosing My logo, set the logo file name, and copy the logo file in portal applications logos directory