Authentication Users Password

LL::NG can delegate authentication to Apache, so it is possible to use any Apache authentication module, for example Kerberos, Radius, OTP, etc.

To authenticate users using Kerberos, you can now use the new Kerberos authentication module which allow one to chain Kerberos in a combination
Apache authentication module will set the REMOTE_USER environment variable, which will be used by LL::NG to get authenticated user.

In General Parameters > Authentication modules, choose Apache as authentication backend.

You may want to failback to another authentication backend in case of the Apache authentication fails. Use then the Multiple authentication module, for example:

In this case, the Apache authentication module should not require a valid user and not be authoritative, else Apache server will return an error and not let LL::NG Portal manage the failback authentication.

The Apache configuration depends on the module you choose, you need to look at the module documentation, for example:

The Kerberos configuration is quite complex. You can find some configuration tips on this page.

Prefer new Kerberos module.

When using IDP modules (like CAS or SAML), the activation of Apache authentication can alter the operation. This is because the client often need to request directly the IDP, and the Apache authentication will block the request.

In this case, you can add in the Apache authentication module:

      Satisfy any 
      Order allow,deny 
      allow from APPLICATIONS_IP

This will bypass the authentication module for request from APPLICATIONS_IP.