Use an outgoing proxy

For some protocols, LL::NG has to directly contact the external server. This is the case for example with CAS authentication (validation of service ticket) or OpenID Connect authentication (access to token endpoint and userinfo endpoint).

If the LL::NG server needs a proxy for outgoing connections, then you need to configure some environment variables.

In Apache configuration, set:

FcgidInitialEnv http_proxy http://X.X.X.X:X
FcgidInitialEnv https_proxy http://X.X.X.X:X
# on Centos7, you need LWP::Protocol::connect
# FcgidInitialEnv https_proxy connect://X.X.X.X:X

add in /etc/default/lemonldap-ng-fastcgi-server :

# on Centos7, you need LWP::Protocol::connect
# https_proxy=connect://X.X.X.X:X