Error messages


This page does not reference all error messages, but only the most common ones


Warning: key is not defined, set it in the manager !

→ LemonLDAP::NG uses a key to crypt/decrypt some data. You have to set its value in Manager. This message is displayed only when you upgrade from a version older than 1.0

Can't locate /usr/share/lemonldap-ng/

→ When you upgrade from Debian Lenny with customized files, you must upgrade them.


Unable to clear local cache

→ Local cache cannot be cleared, check the localStorage and localStorageOptions or file permissions

Status module can not be loaded without localStorage parameter

→ You tried to activate Status module without localStorage. Configure local cache first.

No configuration found

→ The configuration cannot be loaded. Check configStorage and configStorageOptionsor file permissions.

User rejected because VirtualHost XXXX has no configuration

→ The specified virtual host is not configured in Manager.

mkdir /tmp/MyNamespace/2: Permission denied ...

→ The cache has been created by another user than Apache’s user. Restart Apache to purge it.


This can append when you use lmConfigEditor or launch cron files with a different user than Apache process. That is why it is important to set APACHEUSER variable when you launch “make install”

Lemonldap::NG::Handler::SharedConf: No cookie found

→ User does not have Lemonldap::NG cookie, handler redirect it to the portal

The cookie $id isn't yet available: Object does not exist in the data store

→ User session has expired or handler does not have access to the same Apache::Session database than the portal

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete

→ Your browser loops between portal and handler, it is probably a cookie problem. Verify that:

  • the portal is in the declared domain

  • CDA is set if the handler is not in the same domain

  • portal is in a https virtualhost if securedCookie is set

  • you’ve restart all Apache server after having change cookie name or domain


XXXX was not found in tree

→ The specified node is not the uploaded tree.


User XXXX was not granted to open session

→ Check grantSessionRule parameter.

XML menu configuration is deprecated. Please use lmMigrateConfFiles2ini to migrate your menu configuration

→ You do not use the new configuration syntax for application list. XML file is no more accepted.

Apache is not configured to authenticate users !

→ You use the Apache authentication backend, but Apache is not or bad configured (no REMOTE_USER send to LemonLDAP::NG).

URL contains a non protected host

→ The host is not known by LemonLDAP::NG. Add it to trustedDomains (or set * in trustedDomains to accept all).

XSS attack detected

→ Some URL parameters contain forbidden characters.

Detailled error codes list
→ Corresponding error codes can be found in

Portal error codes