How to integrate

To integrate a Web application in LL::NG, you have the following possibilities:

  • Protect the application with the Handler, and push user identity through HTTP headers. This is how main Access Manager products, like CA SiteMinder, are working. This also how Apache authentication modules are working, so if your application is compatible with Apache authentication (often called “external authentifcation”), then you can use the Handler.
  • Specific Handler: some applications can require a specific Handler, to manage preauthentication process for example.
  • CAS: your application is a CAS client, you can configure LL::NG as a CAS server.
  • SAML: your application is a SAML Service Provider, you can configure LL::NG as a SAML Identity Provider.
  • OpenID Connect: your application is a OpenID Connect Relying Party, you can configure LL::NG as a OpenID Connect Provider.

If none of above methods is available, you can try:

Application list

Application Configuration guide HTTP headers Specific Handler CAS SAML OIDC
_images/microsoft-adfs.png ADFS        
_images/alfresco_logo.png Alfresco      
_images/logo_amazon_web_services.jpg Amazon Web Services        
_images/logo-awx.png AWX (Ansible Tower)        
_images/bigbluebutton-logo.png BigBlueButton        
_images/bugzilla_logo.png Bugzilla        
_images/confluence.png Confluence      
_images/csod_logo.png Cornerstone        
_images/discourse.jpg Discourse      
_images/django_logo.png Django        
_images/dokuwiki_logo.png Dokuwiki        
_images/drupal_logo.png Drupal        
_images/fusiondirectory-logo.jpg FusionDirectory        
_images/gerrit_logo.png Gerrit        
_images/gitlab_logo.png Gitlab      
_images/gitea_logo.png Gitea        
_images/glpi_logo.png GLPI        
_images/googleapps_logo.png Google Apps        
_images/grafana_logo.png Grafana        
_images/grr_logo.png GRR        
_images/guacamole.png Apache Guacamole    
_images/humhub_logo.png HumHub        
_images/iparapheur_logo.png i-Parapheur        
_images/itsm-ng.png ITSM-NG      
_images/logo-jitsimeet.png Jitsi Meet        
_images/liferay_logo.png Liferay        
_images/limesurvey_logo.png LimeSurvey        
_images/mailman.jpg Mailman        
_images/matrix_logo.png Matrix        
_images/mattermost_logo.png Mattermost        
_images/mediawiki_logo.png Mediawiki        
_images/mobilizon_logo.jpg Mobilizon        
_images/nextcloud-logo.png NextCloud        
_images/obm_logo.png OBM        
_images/odoo_logo.png Odoo        
_images/logo_office_365.png Office 365        
_images/opencti.png OpenCTI      
_images/logo-publik.png Publik        
_images/phpldapadmin_logo.png phpLDAPAdmin        
_images/redmine_logo.png Redmine        
_images/rocketchat-logo.png Rocketchat        
_images/roundcube_logo.png Roundcube        
_images/salesforce-logo.jpg SalesForce        
_images/SAPLogo.gif SAP      
_images/sharepoint.png Sharepoint        
_images/simplesamlphp_logo.png simpleSAMLphp        
_images/spring_logo.png Spring        
_images/symfony_logo.png Symfony        
_images/sympa_logo.png Sympa      
_images/tomcat_logo.png Tomcat        
_images/wekan-logo.png Wekan        
_images/wiki.js.svg Wiki.js        
_images/wordpress_logo.png Wordpress        
_images/xwiki.png XWiki        
_images/zimbra_logo.png Zimbra