Redmine is is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

It can be configured to authenticate users with OpenID Connect with a plugin.



Make sure you have already enabled OpenID Connect on your LemonLDAP::NG server.

Make sure you have generated a set of signing keys in OpenID Connect Service » Security » Keys

You also need to set a Signing key ID to a non-empty value of your choice.

Then, add a Relaying Party with the following configuration:

  • Options » Basic » Client ID : choose a client ID, such as my_client_id

  • Options » Basic » Client Secret : choose a client secret, such as my_client_secret

  • Options » Basic » Allowed redirection address : https://my_redmine_server/oic/local_login

  • Options » Advanced » Force claims to be returned in ID Token : On

  • Options » Security » ID Token Signature Algorithm : RS512

  • Options » Logou( » Allowed redirection address for logout : https://my_redmine_server/oic/local_logout

Define exported attributes:

  • email

  • family_name

  • given_name

  • name

  • nickname: the user login

To transfer groups:

  • Declare member_of exported attribute as an array

  • Declare a new scope named groups whith value member_of

  • Create a local macro member_of which will return ["admin"] is user is administrator and ["user"] else.


Install OpenID Connect plugin.

Go in Redmine admin console and configure the OpenID Connect plugin:

  • Enabled: check the box

  • Client ID: my_client_id

  • OpenID Connect server url:

  • Client Secret: my_client_secret

  • OpenID Connect scopes: openid profile email groups

  • Authorized group: leave blank

  • Admins group: admin

  • How often to retrieve openid configuration: leave blank

  • Disable Ssl Validation: uncheck the box

  • Login Selector: uncheck the box

  • Create user if not exists: check the box

  • Users from the following auth sources will be required to login with SSO: do not select anythin


A bug has been reported, you must apply a patch if you transfer groups.


To bypass SSO, you can connect to https://my_redmine_server/login?local_login=true