How to change configuration backend

LemonLDAP::NG provides a script to change configuration backend easily keeping history. It is set in LemonLDAP::NG utilities directory (convertConfig).

How it works

The convertConfig utility reads 2 LL::NG configuration files (lemonldap-ng.ini):

  • Current: to extract all configuration history

  • New: to write all configuration history

Let’s go

  • Prepare your new lemonldap-ng.ini file

  • Configure your new backend (create SQL database,…)

  • Launch the following command:

convertConfig --current=/etc/lemonldap-ng/lemonldap-ng.ini --new=/new/lemonldap-ng.ini
  • Install the new lemonldap-ng.ini file at the place of the old file in all LL::NG servers

  • Restart all your web servers


Since LemonLDAP 2.0.9, you don’t need the --current and --new options when migrating from the default file-based backend. Simply run convertConfig to migrate from the default configuration backend to the currently configured backend.

See also

Documentation is available for configuration backends :