Portal menu


The menu is displayed if authentication is successful.

Categories and applications

Configuring the virtual hosts is not enough to display an application in applications menu. Indeed, a virtual host can serve several applications (http://vhost.example.com/appli1, http://vhost.example.com/appli2).

In Manager, you can configure categories and applications by using General Parameters > Portal > Menu > Categories and applications.

Application parameters:


  • Name: display text

  • Description

  • URI: URL of the application

  • Tooltip: information display on mouse over the button

  • Logo: file name to use as logo (Since 2.0.17 you can also use a Font Awesome icon code)

  • Display application:

    • Enabled: always displayed

    • Disabled: never displayed

    • Automatic: displayed only if the user can access it

    • Special rule: define a rule or “sp: <name>” where “name” is the key name of the service provider, the corresponding rule will be applied (available for CAS, SAML or OpenID-Connect)


Categories and applications are displayed in alphabetical order.



The chosen logo file must be in portal applications logos directory (portal/htdocs/static/common/apps/). You can set a custom logo by setting the logo file name directly in the field, and copy the logo file in portal applications logos directory