SMTP server setup

Go in General Parameters > Advanced Parameters > SMTP:

  • Session key containing mail address: choose which session field contains mail address

  • SMTP Server: IP or hostname of the SMTP server

  • SMTP Port: Port of the SMTP server

  • SMTP User: SMTP user if authentication is required

  • SMTP Password: SMTP password if authentication is required

  • SSL/TLS protocol and SSL/TLS options: Here you can enable SMTPS or startTLS. A list of possible options can be found in the IO::Socket::SSL documentation.


  • If no SMTP server is configured, the mail will be sent via the local sendmail program. Else, Net::SMTP module is required to use the SMTP server

  • The SMTP server value can hold the port, for example:


  • Older versions of the Email::Sender library have limitations when it comes to SMTPS or STARTTLS support. Versions lower than 1.300027 will not be able to check the remote server certificate or use custom IO::Socket::SSL options.

  • Mail headers:

    • Mail sender: address seen in the “From” field (default: noreply@[DOMAIN])

    • Reply address: address seen in the “Reply-To” field

    • charset: Charset used for the body of the mail (default: utf-8)

Testing your email setup

New in version 2.0.10.

You can test your email setup in the General Parameters > Advanced Parameters > SMTP page by using the Send test email button in the manager.


You need to save your SMTP configuration before you can test it

New in version 2.0.10.

You can also test your email setup using the test-email command in the CLI

lemonldap-ng-cli test-email