LemonLDAP::NG FastCGI server

Since 1.9, Lemonldap::NG provides a FastCGI server usable to protect applications with Nginx (See Manage virtual hosts page to configure virtual hosts).

This FastCGI server can be used for all LLNG components. It compiles enabled components on-the-fly.


Using packages

You just have to install lemonldap-ng-fastcgi-server package, it will be started automatically.

Using “make install”

To enable the FastCGI server at startup, copy the script llng-fastcgi-server installed in INITDIR (default /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/init.d/) in /etc/init.d and enable it (links to /etc/rc<x>.d).


FastCGI server has few parameters. They can be set by environment variables (read by startup script) or by command line options. A default configuration file can be found in /usr/local/lemonlda-ng/etc/default/llng-fastcgi-server (or /etc/default/lemonldap-ng-fastcgi-server in Debian package).

The FastCGI server reads also LLTYPE parameter in FastCGI requests (see portal-nginx.conf or manager-nginx.conf) to choose which module is called:

  • cgi for the portal (or any CGI: it works like PHP-FPM for Perl !)

  • manager for the manager

  • status to see statistics (if enabled)

if LLTYPE is set to another value or not set, FastCGI server works as handler.