Brute Force Protection Addon

bruteForceProtection plugin prevents brute force attack. Plugin DISABLED by default.

After some failed login attempts, user must wait (30 seconds by default) before try to log in again.

The aim of a brute force attack is to gain access to user accounts by repeatedly trying to guess the password of a user. If it is disabled, automated tools may submit thousands of password attempts in a matter of seconds.


To enable Brute Force Attack protection :

Go in Manager, General Parameters » Advanced Parameters » Security » Brute-force attack protection and set to On.

To modify waiting time (30 seconds by default) before reAuthentication, MaxAge between current and last stored failed login (300 seconds by default) or number of allowed failed login attempts (3 by default) edit lemonldap-ng.ini in section [portal]:

bruteForceProtectionTempo = 30
bruteForceProtectionMaxAge = 300
bruteForceProtectionMaxFailed = 3