Mailing lists

Mailing lists are available on OW2 Sympa server. Subscription is mandatory to be allowed to post.

Name Description
lemonldap-ng-users General discussions and help for LemonLDAP::NG Subscribe Archives
lemonldap-ng-dev Development and project discussions about LemonLDAP::NG Subscribe Archives
lemonldap-ng-announces Announcements about LemonLDAP::NG Subscribe Archives
lemonldap-ng-changes A commit-list that receives all updates to the code and the documentation for LemonLDAP::NG Subscribe Archives

Report a bug

Go on OW2 Gitlab, create an account and fill a new issue.

Please use the mailing lists for any question about the softwares.

Social networks and news

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Join us on #lemonldap-ng on Libera Chat.

Professional services

If you need a professional service or support, please contact one of the companies listed on the following page.