Get parameters Provider


For application not managing other provider protocols (CAS, OpenID Connect, SAML,…) it is possible to configure LL::NG as a provider of GET parameters:

  • An application can call LL::NG portal with a redirection url, such as

  • When computing redirection, LL::NG portal will transmit any GET parameter you have configured for this application. (session id for example)


Passing such sensitive information can be dangerous. Using other well-known secured protocols is recommended.

There is also the possibility to trigger a logout action by passing the return url , such as


In the Manager, go in General Parameters » Issuer modules » GET and configure:

  • Activation: set to On.

  • Path: keep ^/get/ unless you have change Apache portal configuration file.

  • Use rule: a rule to allow user to use this module, set to 1 to always allow.


For example, to allow only users with a strong authentication level:

$authenticationLevel > 2

Then go in Get parameters to define variables to transmit:

  • Define a new virtual host

  • Declare all get parameters you need. You have access to any variable or macro (but no perl expression).

For example:

"" => {
    "id" => "_session_id",


In the previous example, _session_id is quite sensitive, thus it is encouraged that the application revalidate _session_id using getCookie() SOAP call to avoid some security problems


If host is not already registered in virtual hosts, you need to declare it in trusted domains to allow redirection