LDAP session backend

An Apache session module was created by LL::NG team to store sessions in an LDAP directory.


This module is not part of LL::NG distribution, and can be found on CPAN: Apache::Session::LDAP.


This module is also available on GitHub.

Sessions will be stored as LDAP entries, like this:

dn: cn=6fb7c4a170a04668771f03b0a4747f46,ou=sessions,dc=example,dc=com
objectClass: applicationProcess
cn: 6fb7c4a170a04668771f03b0a4747f46
description: [Base64 serialized data]


Go in the Manager and set the LDAP session module (Apache::Session::LDAP) in General parameters » Sessions » Session storage » Apache::Session module and add the following parameters (case sensitive):

Required parameters
Name Comment Example
ldapServer URI of the server ldap://localhost
ldapConfBase DN of sessions branch ou=sessions,dc=example,dc=com
ldapBindDN Connection login cn=admin,dc=example,dc=dom
ldapBindPassword Connection password secret
Optional parameters
Name Comment Default value
ldapObjectClass Objectclass of the entry applicationProcess
ldapAttributeId Attribute storing session ID cn
ldapAttributeContent Attribute storing session content description
ldapVerify Perform certificate validation require (use none to disable)
ldapCAFile Path of CA file bundle (system CA bundle)
ldapCAPath Perform CA directory (system CA bundle)


Restrict network access to the LDAP directory, and add specific ACL to session branch.

You can also use different user/password for your servers by overriding parameters globalStorage and globalStorageOptions in lemonldap-ng.ini file.