MongoDB session backend (deprecated)

Apache::Session::MongoDB is a faster shareable session backend.


MongoDB has officially deprecated the Perl driver, so we advice to choose another backend


Use an up-to-date version of Apache::Session::MongoDB, at least 1.8.1.


Install and launch a MongoDB server. Install Apache::Session::MongoDB Perl module (version ⩾ 0.15 required). You also need a recent version of Perl MongoDB client (version ⩾ 1.00 required).

For Debian, you can install mongodb module and Apache::Session module with:

apt install libmongodb-perl
cpan Apache::Session::MongoDB

For CentOS:

yum install perl-MongoDB
cpan Apache::Session::MongoDB

In the manager: set Apache::Session::MongoDB in General parameters » Sessions » Session storage » Apache::Session module and add the following parameters (case sensitive):

Optional parameters
Name Comment Example
host MongoDB server URI
db_name Session database (default: sessions) llconfdb
collection Collection (default: sessions) sessions
auth_mechanism Authentication mechanism PLAIN
connect_timeout Connection timeout 10000
ssl Boolean or hash ref (default: 0) 1
username Username to use to connect lluser
password Password llpassword

Advanced connection parameters (Replica Sets, timeouts…) may be specified in the host parameter. Refer to the perl MongoDB documentation for details


Restrict network access to the MongoDB server. For remote servers, you can use SOAP session backend in cunjunction to increase security for remote server that access through an unsecure network