Main features

Full access control

LL::NG is a web single-sign-on system, but unlike some systems it can manage rights on applications based on regular expressions on URL.

Easy to customize

LL::NG is designed using Model–View–Controller software architecture, so you just have to change HTML/CSS files to customize the portal.

Easy to integrate

Integrating applications in LL::NG is easy since its dialogue with applications is based on customizable HTTP headers.

Unifying authentications (Identity Federation)

LL::NG can easily exchange with other authentication systems by using SAML, OpenID or CAS protocoles. It may be the backbone of a heterogeneous architecture. LL:NG can be set as Identity provider, Service Provider or Protocol Proxy (LL::NG as federation protocol proxy).

Its SOAP API can also be used to dialogue directly with your custom applications.


Session explorer

LL::NG Manager has a session explorer module that can be used to browse opened sessions:

  • by users
  • by IP (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • by double IP (sessions opened by the same user from multiple computers)
  • by date

It can be used to delete a session

Session restrictions

By default, a user can open several sessions. LL::NG can restrict the following:

  • Allow only one session per user
  • Allow only one IP address per user
  • Allow only one user per IP address

Those capabilities can be used simultaneously or separately.


LL::NG can be used to notify users with a message when authenticating. This can be used to inform of a change in access rights, the publication of a new IT charter, etc. (See notifications for more details)