CrowdSec is a free and open-source security automation tool leveraging local IP behavior detection and a community-powered IP reputation system.

LL::NG provides a CrowdSec bouncer that can reject Crowdsec banned-IP requests or just provide an environment variable that can be used in another plugin rule. For example, a second factor may be required if user’s IP is CrowdSec-banned.

You can find CrowdSec agents in CrowdSec hub <>


To configure bouncer plugin, go in General Parameters > Plugins > CrowdSec.

You can then configure:

  • Activation: enable this plugin (default: disabled)
  • Action: reject or warn and set $env->{CROWDSEC_REJECT} = 1
  • Base URL of local API: base URL of CrowdSec local API (default: http://localhost:8080)
  • API key: API key, usually given by cscli bouncers add mylemon