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 ==== Official repository ==== ==== Official repository ====
-If you run Debian testing or unstable, the packages are directly installable:​+If you run Debian ​stable, ​testing or unstable, the packages are directly installable:​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-apt-cache search ​lemonldap-ng+apt-get install ​lemonldap-ng
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-<​note ​important>​Packages from [[http://​packages.debian.org/​search?​keywords=lemonldap-ng|Debian repository]] may not be up to date. Prefer then the other solutions (see below).</​note>​+<​note ​tip>​Packages from [[http://​packages.debian.org/​search?​keywords=lemonldap-ng|Debian repository]] may not be up to date but are **security-maintained** by [[https://​security-team.debian.org/​|Debian Security Team]] for "​stable"​ release and [[https://​www.debian.org/​lts/​|LTS team]] for "​oldstable"​ release. Then if you don't need some new features or aren't concerned by a bug fixed earlier, **this is a good choice**. You can also use [[https://​backports.debian.org/​|Debian backports]] or "​testing"/"​unstable"​ packages, team maintained. [[documentation:#​packaged_versions|Here is the list of Debian versions]].</​note>​ 
 +<note warning>​LLNG Ubuntu packages are not in the "​universe"​ but in the "​multiverse"​. This means they are not security-maintained. If you use them, you should follow our security advisories on lemonldap-ng-users@ow2.org.</​note>​
 ==== LL::NG repository ==== ==== LL::NG repository ====
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 ===== Install packages ===== ===== Install packages =====
 +<note important>​By default packages will require Nginx. If you want to use Apache2, install it first with mod_perl:
 +apt install apache2 libapache2-mod-perl
 ==== With apt ==== ==== With apt ====